Terapie de cuplu

Terapia de cuplu  te poate ajuta sa depasesti impasul existential in care te afli cu partenerul tau de viata. Iti poate oferi o perspectiva noua, obiectiva a relatiei de cuplu. Te poate ajuta sa descoperi alternative practice prin care sa rezolvi problemele de cuplu. Psihologul va poate ajuta pe amandoi sa va constientizati mai bine propriile defecte si vulnerabilitati, sa va cunoasteti si sa comunicati mai bine in cuplu si in afara lui.

Psiholog Iuliana Stancu, Calea Crangasi 52, sector 6,

What is couples therapy?

Every relationship has conflict. Learning how to handle your conflicts can not only patch up your issues but also make your relationship much stronger.

In couples therapy, a licensed counselor works with two people to improve their relationship.

Like any form of therapy, couples counseling requires a commitment and willingness to open up from both involved parties.

“Couples can form a more secure bond with one another and be able to have vulnerable conversations without pushing the other person away,” Hsueh says.

When committing to couples therapy, come with an open mind, and be ready to break down the barriers of communication.

Psychologist Iuliana Stancu, Calea Crangasi 52, sector 6, Bucharest


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